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A beautiful sunset

Sun Choke | Rotten Tomatoes

Forced to endure a bizarre health regimen by her caretaker (Barbara Crampton), a recovering mental patient (Sarah Hagan) becomes obsessed with a young woman ...

A serene mountain view

Review: Sun Choke - F This Movie!

A new horror movie that may go too far. · The plot in brief: Following a breakdown, Janie (Sarah Hagan, Millie from Freaks and Geeks) is ...

A beautiful sunset

Reviews: Sun Choke - IMDb

Jane (Sarah Hagan ) has been spending the last few weeks (maybe months or years?) of her life stuck in her spacious, but cold Hollywood hills home under the ...

A refreshing morning breeze

SUN CHOKE Review - Film Pulse

At its start, Ben Cresciman's Sun Choke plays to very common fears – those of being ill, trapped under the domineering control of another person ...

A cozy fireplace

Sun Choke - Metacritic

Summary As Janie recovers from a violent psychotic break, she's subjected each day to a bizarre holistic health and wellness regimen designed, and enforced, ...

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