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A serene mountain view - Movie Reviews

A psychedelic stew of erotica and body horror, Belladonna of Sadness arrives in the US more than three decades after it helped bankrupt Japanese production ...

A delicious home-cooked meal

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A group of ambitious filmmakers set out to create the world's first reality horror movie. Their plan was simple; they'd offer an active serial killer ...

A beautiful sunset

Reviews: Spaceman - IMDb

Spaceman drags at points, can feel a bit claustrophobic and is honestly hard to wrap your head around. All in all good job by everyone involved. Again at least ...

A delicious home-cooked meal

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A beautiful sunset

Reviews: Civil War - IMDb

A harrowing scene with no answers and no sense of closure, just like the entire movie. 'Civil War' is a film with nothing to say. Its only interest is in ...

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