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Lucifer: ‘Lady Parts’

Lucifer S2 E4 “Lady Parts”
Written by Sheri Elwood
Directed by Ben Bray

“I don’t do apologies. But I don’t want to kill you anymore.”

The Goddess of All Creation takes a turn as a modern woman with a job, house, and family, and pronounces it absolute hell, and the murder mystery part of this series has become so irrelevant that Detective Decker is either going to be killed off or become roommates with Maze, so it looks like she, too, is about to discover her own personal hell, one way or another.

Decker is dealing with single parenthood, going through a divorce, and trying to find a new place to live so with all of her concerns weighing on her, she’s even less fun than usual. She looks into the future and sees crazy cat lady looming as her fate. Lucifer has discovered that cell phones are fun, especially when you’re supposed to be working or dealing with actual life. To get Decker off his back, he makes a bet with Maze to get Decker out to lighten up a little bit and proposes a girls’ night out. That ties in with the barely mentioned murder mystery of the week which concerns two young women found dead from poison after just such a girls’ night out. Amenadiel decides to consult Dr. Linda about the loss of his wings, but without mentioning the exact nature of his problem. She misreads this and assumes that he is having hydraulics issues. She recommends that he lighten up and relieve stress by having a cocktail or two. He’s a man (sort of, for now) so his presence doesn’t really fit with the girls’ night out theme, except that he drinks cosmopolitans. I guess that makes him an honorary girl.

For all of Lucifer’s cheeky innuendos and asides about sex, drugs, and old-school hip-hop, Maze gets all the best lines. Lucifer may be the only show on television where a subplot about young chippies drinking poison at a roving sex party is the least interesting part of the episode. Maybe we should dispense with him altogether and just have the Maze show.

At Lucifer’s forced girls’ night out, Dr. Linda reveals that she put herself through med school by working as a phone sex operator. She says that girls’ night out is supposed to be about female bonding, getting to know each other, trust, and sharing. Unfortunately, for this week’s victims, one of the “girls” of the trio tried to pimp out the other two to a skanky Russian sleazebag for $10,000. When they didn’t go along with her plan, she gave them a hallucinogen to drink in the hopes that it would render them more willing. Instead, it rendered them dead. As in last week’s show, the real motive for the murders seems to be the murderer’s frustrated ambitions and expectations about deserving the good life. On the other end of the spectrum, even Lucifer, it seems, is becoming disenchanted with living the high life. Lucifer suggests that partying like its 1999 might just be so 1999. Maybe it’s life that’s the thing after all.

But back to the more interesting stuff. Perky quirky Ella (can I call her PQ Ella from now on?) drinks piña coladas and used to steal cars (!).  She also says that she would definitely have called Dr. Linda at her prior job. Maze reveals that “she was forged in the bowels of hell to torture the guilty for all eternity,” and removes her beer bottle caps with her teeth. But we knew that. Later on, girls’ night out turns into girls’ mixed martial arts free-for-all bar fight. Maze wins. But we knew that.

Of course the plot requires that Lucifer, Detective Douche, and Amenadiel go to the private roving sex party as part of the investigation. The running joke is that Detective Douche looks like a cop, but he doesn’t. He looks like a douche. Another, more subtler joke, runs through the sex party scene; most of the male patrons are wearing uniforms. As in cop uniforms.

After much mayhem, Decker and Lucifer track down the young woman who tried to turn out her friends and ended up killing them instead. The woman holds Decker hostage with a box cutter, but Decker takes her down when the woman is distracted by Lucifer’s phone ringing. Decker beats the woman with her own yoga mat, screeching about how wrong it was for the woman to fake friendship in order to prey on the two dead girls. That hits a sore spot for Decker. Already sensitive about the criticism that she is no fun, she discovered that Lucifer and Maze made a bet about getting her drunk. She thought she was bonding with some really cool friends, friends that she had never had before. Rather, she was just the subject of a wager. Maze and Lucifer can’t understand why she’s upset; after all she did have fun. They can’t comprehend that manipulating somebody into having fun under false pretenses is still manipulation.

Lucifer can’t help but interfere with Decker’s housing situation. He contacts real estate agents on her behalf, although in his usual clueless way, he has no idea what she needs. The idea of Maze and Decker rooming together makes him nervous. Maze already is rewriting their relationship, demanding to be treated as an equal, or at least more fairly. Lucifer suggests that Decker moves into the killer’s newly vacated apartment.  Initially Decker is appalled at the idea, but it seems she changes her mind. While driving to drop off a check for the deposit, she gets t-boned.

Although God never appears on the show, his presence hangs over the plot more and more. Amenadiel warns Lucifer that by allowing Mum to stay on earth, Lucifer has reneged on his deal with Dad. Since Lucifer made the deal to save Decker’s life, God may choose to welch on his side of the bargain as well. Amenadiel says God is not the type to forgive and forget. That seems a rather remarkable characteristic of the Great Man Himself, considering that one of the three major religions devoted to Him revolves all around the notion of forgiveness. Is this god a dick or what? And here I thought that religion had three precepts; one, that whole death thing really isn’t as it seems; two, try not to be a total asshole; and three, forgiveness is really really important. God’s persona seems to be one of the major theological questions raised by Lucifer. Since Decker got hammered at an intersection, and the preview for next week suggests that even if she survives the crash she may be toast anyway since Lucifer didn’t hold up the terms of his agreement with God, Amenadiel may know what he’s talking about here. Lucifer doesn’t think that one single human soul matters much to God. If Amenadiel is right that God doesn’t forgive, and Lucifer is right that God doesn’t care about any individual, we may well be doomed as a species. What a funny notion for a lighthearted show ostensibly about the devil taking a hedonistic vacation in LA.



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