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Lucifer: “Homewrecker”

Lucifer S2 E9 “Homewrecker”
Written by Mike Costa
Directed by Greg Beeman

“Ta Von Lu! … It’s Klingon for “The king is trapped.” On Star Trek they play three-dimensional chess.”

Ella speaks Klingon, and when she was little she used to do jigsaw puzzles with the picture side down. I get the Klingon stuff, but the puzzle thing sounds like some sort of really boring thing smart people do. That’s probably why I have never heard of it before.

Though a lot happens on this episode of Lucifer, it feels like a lot of set up leading into the last episodes before the holiday hiatus. The show starts with Lucifer taking Amenadiel on one of those open-air tour buses around Los Angeles. When the dull, disinterested, minimum wage sightseeing guide fails to amaze Lucifer, he takes over the microphone and starts pointing out all the sex lore and drugs sites for the out-of-town tourists. Though the tourists love it, Amenadiel bails. These two siblings just don’t share the same interests.

While Lucifer is showing the tourists the lifestyles of the rich and sleazy, a wealthy and sleazy real estate mogul becomes this week’s victim. Appropriately enough, someone stabbed him in the neck with a champagne flute, creating a gushing fountain of blood. While Decker investigates the crime, Lucifer gets a phone call about some sort of problem at Lux. He returns home to find the place full of suits. Within an hour of his father’s death, the sleazy real estate mogul’s son terminates Lucifer’s lease and evicts him. Since Lucifer has only just realized how much this place he calls home means to him, he is desperate to keep his nightclub and his penthouse. It looks like Ella saves the day, when she finds the real estate mogul’s son’s fingerprints on the murder weapon, but it’s way too early in the episode for such an easy resolution.

As Decker and Lucifer go to confront Junior Sleazebag, he lands on a car right next to them, having thrown himself from the seventh floor balcony. Somehow Senior Sleazebag managed to completely wipe out his entire fortune, and Junior Sleazebag was trying to make quick sales to salvage some of the assets. Even though he ain’t got money, Junior Sleazebag is so in love with his honey: he has found true love with his fiancée. He tried to commit suicide because he couldn’t face her with the truth about their financial situation.

As Lucifer throws an end-of-days party for the eviction team at Lux, Mum realizes just how much his place means to him.  Consequently, she also thinks she knows how to get him to return with her and Amenadiel to heaven, which they are now calling the Silver City. She decides that destroying Lux will get Lucifer to return with her; after all, why should he stay in human land if he has lost his home?

Decker uncovers some hinky payments from the dead Senior Sleazebag’s accounts. She tracks them to a kind of reverse fixer: a dude who calls himself a professional tempter, whom people hire to test the loyalty of employees. Within a short period of time, Decker discovers that this guy also tests the loyalty of spouses and family members. Senior Sleazebag hired him to put Junior Sleazebag’s fiancé in a compromising position and get evidence of it. This the man tries to do, but the fiancé stays true. Senior Sleazebag, not content with his future daughter-in-law despite proof of her good nature, then hires the man to fake evidence of her sleeping around. I’ve heard of some messed up father-son relationships, but that’s really heinous. Although Junior Sleazebag’s fiancé remains true blue, she comes from a lower-class background and is therefore unacceptable to Senior Sleazebag. When Decker and Lucifer confront True Blue Fiancé about Senior Sleazebag’s blackmail attempt, she starts to confess only to be interrupted by Junior Sleazebag, who also confesses. These two love each other so much that they are willing to take the fall for each other. Awwww, that’s so sweet. It’s also clever. Recipe for reasonable doubt: have someone show up at your murder trial and confess. Lucifer is appalled by all this true love, but Lucifer may be in more danger of falling in true love than he realizes.

Speaking of sleaze balls, Detective Douche lives up to his name. For the past couple weeks, Detective Douche has been acting like a decent guy. Just when it seemed that maybe he isn’t that bad after all, he hooks up with Mum. Now admittedly, he doesn’t know that Charlotte is Lucifer’s mom. For the audience, though, and for Amenadiel, the yuck factor is through the roof. Whether this is just R&R for Mum or part of an elaborate plan to take her sons back to the Silver City isn’t made clear. She certainly tries some extreme solutions. She takes over as attorney (forcibly, in a men’s room) for a suspect who has been arrested for making bombs for the Mafia. She hires him to put a bomb in Club Lux to bring down the building, thereby forcing Lucifer to give up and return home with her. When the suspect reneges on such a big job, she hires him for something a little bit smaller. He builds her a bomb just big enough for one person. That one person turns out to be Decker.

During his sessions with Dr. Linda, Lucifer starts to realize that his attachment to Lux and to Los Angeles are only part of why he feels at home here. Decker constitutes part of his sense of home as well. Dr. Linda believes that Lucifer, like so many others, came to Los Angeles looking for something. When he found Decker, he stopped looking. Unfortunately, Mum figures that out at about the same time that Lucifer does.

Here’s a strange thing: Lucifer begins to confront his feelings for Decker just after she obtains historical site status for Lux due to its long history of sin. She does this to help Lucifer regain ownership of the place that he loves so much. He invites Decker out for a fancy dinner to thank her, but when he realizes that he may have a real thing for her, he stands her up. Men. These two have been dancing around each other ever since the show began – in this episode, they finally dance together. Other people can see their attraction, but they themselves cannot.  Dr. Linda had to point it out to Lucifer for him to see. Detective Douche complains to Mum on their date about Lucifer’s attraction to Decker.  Even Amenadiel comprehends that there is something between the two, and Amenadiel seems to have all of the relationship expertise of a sixth grader.

The episode ends with Decker returning to her rigged car while Mum waits nearby with the remote control detonator. Mum does not know how badly awry Senior Sleazebag’s attempted interference with his son’s love-life went, so she does not know the moral of this week’s story: never stand in the way of true love! For the Goddess of All Creation, Mum seems tone deaf to the emotional lives of everyone around her. In fact, all of these celestial beings appear to be stunted in matters of the heart. Will the humans teach the immortals about the power of love? The question is not only will true love survive, but will Decker survive.  We can only hope. Qapla’! (that’s Klingon for “success!”).

Grade: B


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