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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Sixteen – Save Us, Supergirl!


Supergirl 2.15 “Exodus”

This is the strongest episode of Supergirl in a minute in how it weaves together the Cadmus plot with the inherent social issues that I was hoping Supergirl would get back to tackling. It takes a big step forward in the stakes for the season and for how it reflects on our current climate.

In Supergirl, Cadmus is running around abducting aliens on the national alien registry in order to deport them. Things get personal when Cadmus abducts Lyra, Winn’s new boo. Dean Cain is still here to collect checks when Jeremiah comes to Alex to give her intel on Cadmus EXCEPT THAT IT WAS J’ONN TESTING ALEX’S CONVICTION. After getting taken off the case, Alex goes rogue and tracks down Cadmus, where she is captured. Alex manages to pull Jeremiah (the actual Jeremiah this time) back to the light when he helps her take down Cadmus and get on board the spacecraft to try to stop the deportation. Supergirl manages to stop the spaceship in a pretty epic sequence that I was prepared for to go south and separate the sisters. In a way, I’m a little disappointed it didn’t, if only because separating them by millions of light years would have shot up the ante for the stakes the rest of this season.

Kara ends up publishing a piece about Cadmus abducting aliens when Snapper shoots it down, so Snapper fires Kara. I think this is for the best, with Cat Grant not around, why keep Kara at Catco? It’s an opportunity to push this character in a direction that isn’t a retread of Clark Kent’s story. Also, one last note, Teri Hatcher and direct-to-DVD superstar Kevin Sorbo are in this episode!

Currently we have government task forces dedicated to hunting down immigrants and tearing them apart from their families. Supergirl, a show about an alien with superpowers, naturally doesn’t investigate our current climate with the same subtlety and nuance that something like The Night Of is expected to do, but it definitely fills a need for stories reflecting what’s going on right now. We need that desperately, even if it is coming from a comic book show on the CW. We need a hero like Supergirl.


The Flash 3.15 “The Wrath of Savitar”

This is a jam packed hour of The Flash, that manages to move several pieces into play for the final arc of the season without stumbling over the sheer vastness of it all. Wally manages to get to the speed he’ll need to get to to stop Savitar, but he’s having visions where he’s seeing Savitar. Barry is paranoid that Savitar is spying on them via Wally and cuts him out of the team for the time being. Caitlin kept a piece of the philosopher’s stone to see if she could use it to reverse her Killer Frost powers. In doing some scientific seance via Julian, they discover future Barry traps Savitar in the speed force, so when they threw the philospher’s stone into the speed force, they gave him what he needed. Caitlin actually did the team a solid by keeping part of the stone. Wally doesn’t know this, and thinks he is helping when he opens up a portal and tosses the stone fragment into the speed force. The portal sucks Wally into the speed force too, and Savitar crawls out a freed speedster. And on top of all of that, Barry and Iris tell everyone about their engagement. But one of the reasons Barry proposed to Iris is it was another way of altering the future, as they weren’t engaged when Savitar kills Iris. When she discovers this, she puts a hold on things with them.

Wow! So much to get through, but as always The Flash keeps it exciting and emotional, hitting all the right notes along the way. This episode was all about setting up bigger things, but it still had its moments, most notably the times that I cried.

Times I cried:

  • When Joe started crying when he congratulated Iris and Barry on their engagement.
  • When Jessie tells Wally he’s not alone.
  • When Joe and Barry cry together at the loss of Wally.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 “Land of the Lost”

I’m done trying to analyze this show that’s so giddily resistant to any insight, so instead, here’s a list of some stupid shit that happened this episode.

  • “I’m a bitch in Rip’s mind.”
  • “Evil Mick? I guess that’s just regular Mick but still.”
  • A Tyrannosaurus Rex is in this episode but only appears for like 30 seconds because they only have that much in the budget for a CGI T-Rex so it’s just always off camera roaring in all other scenes.
  • Amaya stops the T-Rex by connecting with it on a spiritual level.
  • In Rip’s mind, he can use telekinesis.
  • Rip makes out with the personification of Gideon in his mind.

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