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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Sixteen – March Madness


The Flash 3.16 “Into The Speed Force”

Barry goes back into the speed force to save Wally, which I’m sure you could have gathered by the episode title. The speed force is bitter that Barry created flashpoint after basically promising them that he wasn’t going to, so the speed force doesn’t really want to help Barry out, going so far as let a time wraith chase after Barry. But it’s all good, because we get another appearance from Black Flash! Black Flash is a walking easter egg right now, and I can’t wait to see how this show chooses to unfold his character (and bring back Teddy Sears to reprise this version of Zoom hopefully).

We got a few actors picking up checks by reprising roles of dead characters like the ghosts of Christmas past. Eddie Thawne is here, Ronnie Raymond is around, and ham sandwich supreme Wentworth Miller gets to apply his giddy overkill as Captain Cold. Even Caitlin shows up in the speed force singing a lullaby to the baby she and Ronnie never had. With all these callbacks, this episode also really works as a “clips” episode with Barry reliving multiple regrets of the past. For those who don’t know, a clips episode is an episode that usually occurs late in a series run that is 80% just characters going “Remember when…” and rerunning clips from old episodes. It’s just filler so the series can squeeze out another episode. Normally they aren’t good, the only one I can remember actually being really good was that episode of Fresh Prince where Will and Jazzy Jeff get stuck in an elevator just before Will’s wedding. It worked because they experienced some growth while revisiting old memories, but also because the clips were still funny and touching (Fresh Prince is one of the most watchable shows in existence, you can turn on any episode right now and get sucked in). I’d talk about another great clips episode, but I don’t want to get too far off track here.

Barry finds Wally trapped in a loop staring at his mother dying. Captain Cold won’t let him take Wally, and a touching moment occurs when Captain Cold tells Barry that he was the one who inspired Cold to sacrifice himself in season one of Legends of Tomorrow. Jay Garrick speeds in and saves Barry from Captain Cold. They free Wally, but Jay takes his place in the temporal hell because Jay Garrick is the most noble person in existence.

On a quick tangential note, I hope Julian sticks around. Tom Felton is putting in good work here. Julian and Caitlin have been building a romance with each other, which I support. My only worry is that this is going to become Caitlin’s significant trait each season, getting a new love interest only to have her heart broken again. Give the girl a break! She deserves happiness!

This is one of the best episodes of The Flash, and the best episode of this season so far, for multiple reasons. One of the better episodes of last season found Barry wandering through the speed force trying to find his way back to his life. This time, it’s not just himself he’s fighting for, he’s also trying to save Wally. It adds another dimension to Barry as a mentor to Wally and the other speedsters. One of the great things about this show is how it hasn’t wasted any characters, and Jay Garrick is a prime example in how he continues to emulate fatherhood to Barry and show him the hero he can be. It’s hours of The Flash like this that just leave me stunned, wondering how in the hell a show about a dude that can run really fast can be so emotional and gripping.

Times I cried:

  • When Barry asks Iris “Did I lose you?” and she just walks away. What a gut punch.
  • When Jay Garrick says “Every marathon has a finish line…time’s come for me to cross it.”
  • When Barry says he’s going to save Iris not by changing the future, but by embracing it.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.14 “Moonshot”

I’m done trying to analyze this show that’s so giddily resistant to any insight, so instead here’s some stupid shit that happened this episode.

  • They go to the moon.
  • They go to the moon.
  • Apparently Thawne’s powers don’t work in space?
  • They go to the moon.
  • No really, they go to the moon.


Arrow 5.16 “Checkmate”

The best part of finally getting past the reveal of who Prometheus is that now the show can finally begin to trudge forward and have fun with it. The opening goes full Batman Begins with Oliver hiking a snowy mountain to find Talia’s quasi-league of assassins. Talia had trained Prometheus as revenge for killing Ra’s Al Ghul in season 3. I like this route for Talia, it’s similar to Deathstroke’s arc – starting out as a mentor, now an enemy bent on revenge. Here’s hoping she becomes a more central villain as the season winds down. She flat out tells Oliver that Adrian Chase is Prometheus, and he appears as underwhelmed as the rest of us by that reveal.

Chase has kidnapped Susan, and Prometheus all of the sudden becomes a much better villain when they lean into the fact that he’s a psychotic serial killer. He kills his own wife just to prove a point to Oliver. Josh Segarra is just hamming it up now, delivering lines to Oliver like he’s his lover and they’re doing some 50 shades shit. Their final fight scene is immensely satisfying, as these two just beat the shit out of each other, tossing each other through everything and anything. This show has always done one thing right if nothing else, and that’s the action scenes. This fight between Oliver and Chase earns its place among the show’s best action sequences. Talia shows up to save Adrian and they kidnap Oliver. This episode had its fair share of stumbles – Oliver, as the mayor, gives the Green Arrow 24 hours to turn himself in which could have been exciting but the episode did nothing with it – but made some big strides forward in validating Prometheus as the season’s villain. I don’t want to get too excited because I’ve been burned by this show before, but I think we’re on the right track to a solid final few episodes.

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