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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Nineteen – Legends Never Die

Since the CW just continues to load itself up with DC comic book shows – Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl – it seemed to just make more sense to recap them all in one fell swoop rather than stretch ourselves thin with the separate shows. Supergirl, Flash and Arrow are all on hiatus until the end of the month, so Legends has the week to itself for its season finale.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.17 “Aruba”

MV5BMzMwZjhhZGEtYzdkZC00NmIwLWJiZDQtYWY5MmZkOWUxNjY1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjc5Mjg0NjU@._V1_“Aruba” wasn’t as good as the two episodes that preceded it, but it still made for a satisfying finale that pushed the team to new limits and broke a lot of the rules it had set for itself regarding time travel. This season was a large improvement over the first because even when it did get aimless in the middle of its run, it was still at least fun to watch. Plus, we’re getting a new team look next season that should be good, even Rip is taking a leave.

It looks as if the next season will be them trying to fix time after they broke it all the way in half with all the shit they pulled in the finale so Rip will definitely be back at some point, but I’ve got one wish for next season: Let’s see what the Arrowverse version of Justice League Dark is. We’ve been jonesing for more Matt Ryan as Constantine since he reprised the role on Arrow last season, I’m sure he’d sign the contract if DC okayed it. From there it’s just a matter of taking whatever C level characters in the Dark universe that DC will okay and then we’re on our way. Make it happen, CW.

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