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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Fourteen – “Earth 2 is Better Than Ours”

Since the CW just continues to load itself up with DC comic book shows – Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl – it seemed to just make more sense to recap them all in one fell swoop rather than stretch ourselves thin with the separate shows.


Supergirl 2.13 “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk”

A magical imp appears to break up the romantic moment between Mon-El and Kara and propose marriage to her. Listen, I’ve fallen for people quickly, and fallen hard for them, but this dude is proposing marriage in under a minute. Not even I’ve gone there. Kara, of course, is not interested at all, setting off what is easily the most smacked episode of Supergirl, a show which kind of needed a bizarre tonal departure of an hour like this to shake things up.

The imp’s name is Mxyzptlk, which is the only time I’ll be referring to him as that in this recap because I do not want to take the time to spell that out again. He’s like a coked up Disney character, with a British accent and penchant for making every moment theatrical. He’s from the 5th dimension which apparently gives him these magical powers.

The imp dresses as Superman to try to impress her and save the day. Eventually he gets to the point where he threatens the safety of Earth unless Kara marries him. To save Mon-El’s life, she agrees to marry him in the fortress of solitude where she turns him down and gives him a lecture about love. He responds by using his powers to make her fight a giant ice sculpture. She then sets the fortress to self destruct to get him to leave Earth.

The episode could have stood as an interesting presentation of stalking, of the constant catcalling and misogyny women have to deal with on an everyday basis, dealing with men who feel their mere presence is validation that they should hit on women. It doesn’t go enough down this route to make any impact, but at least it runs the other way far enough in just being plain whacky to make for a fun hour.


The Flash 3.13 “Attack on Gorilla City”

Jessie returns from Earth 2 to get help in rescuing her father Harry, who has gone missing in Gorilla City. Quick note, Earth 2 has colonies of highly sentient gorillas, and they had reached out to Harry for help. Julian comes along dressed as Indiana Jones. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin head back to Earth 2 while Jessie and Wally hold down the speedster fort on Earth 1.

They are captured by Grodd, who has taken over Harry’s body psychically – Shout out to Tom Cavanagh for capturing what it’s like to be mind-controlled by a gorilla, I guess. Grodd wants them to kill Solovar, leader of the apes to prevent Solovar from taking over the human race. Solovar challenges Barry in the gladiator ring and is kicking his human ass. Barry manages to win by using a vibrating punch, and gives an impassioned speech to the gorillas pleading for peace while sparing Solovar’s life. Grodd pulled a fast one on them, taking power in Gorilla City after Solovar’s defeat. Grodd wants to invade Flash’s earth and enslave humanity.

This is a serious highlight episode not just for this season, but for the show as a whole. Something magical just seems to happen on the show when The Flash jumps parallel earths. The two-part episode series in season 2 on Earth 2 was everything we could have hoped for, so it’s always great to return back to that universe. Grodd is one of those storylines that always teased there was more to come, and it’s great to finally get a delivery on that promise while managing to set things up even further as Grodd has kidnapped Gypsy to make her open a breach to Central City!

Times I cried:

  • Wally to Jessie: “I could have all the speed in the world, but I’m not complete without you.”
  • When Hipster Wells tell Jessie she needs to follow her heart and fight for love.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.12 “Camelot/3000”

I’m done trying to analyze this gleefully stupid show, it’s just too smacked of a show to think about, so instead here is a list of some stupid shit that happened this episode.

  • Stargirl is now Merlin in King Arthur’s legend.
  • Dr. Mid-Nite is in this episode but sadly not as Dr. Mid-Nite.
  • Ray becomes bros with Sir Galahad.
  • Sara hits on Guinevere and makes out with her at the end.
  • Ray becomes a knight of the round table.

Now let’s just get to Arrow.


Arrow 5.14 “The Sin-Eater”

Sometimes I’m not so sure Arrow is learning all the lessons it should from season 4’s blunders. Last season, they teased that a major death was coming soon and then held it out for nearly the whole season, in the process undermining the impact of Laurel’s death. When it finally happened, there wasn’t any shock and the sorrow that should have been there had been replaced by indifference because we had spent too much time building up to it that we ultimately didn’t care who died anymore. The point I’m getting at here, is why are we still expected to be on the edge of our seats about who Prometheus is? We almost finally got some sort of answer when Oliver went to visit Prometheus’ presumed mother, but of course she wasn’t no snitch and wasn’t gonna give him shit. So even though there were highlights in this episode – getting to see China White, Cupid and Liza Warner team up was enjoyable, and Oliver taking out 30-40 gunmen with a bow and arrow with no cover from gunfire is always great – the spectre of how bland the identity reveal of Prometheus can become hung over it like a disease.

My biggest worry that grows each week is that we’re going to have the same non-reaction to Prometheus’ identity that we did when Laurel was killed because they’ve just stretched out something that just isn’t that intriguing anymore. Thinking practically, here’s who Prometheus could be, however far-fetched it may seem: Adrian Chase, Thea Queen or Slade Wilson. Adrian Chase, because this dude’s gotta have some other role in this show than just the DA, right? Thea, having called it quits on the hero game did it all as a ruse while she exacts torturous revenge on Oliver for pulling her into that world to begin with. Slade Wilson, because even though he’s in a prison on the island we need another villain like him and he has intimate knowledge of Oliver’s life. So let’s just pick one and get on with it already.

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