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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Fifteen – Oliver Goes to Court


Supergirl 2.14 “Homecoming”

I don’t have much to say about this episode of Supergirl, despite how it finally gets the ball rolling back in the direction of Cadmus when Dean Cain returns to pick up some checks, because something just keeps bugging me, and it’s this: we need to get a better outfit for Mon-El, because right now he looks like if Bono decided to do a shitty remake of Blade starring himself. I mean seriously, just take a look below.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the costuming budget and see what we can get, okay?


The Flash 3.14 “Attack on Central City”

This episode had giant sentient gorillas attacking Central City, and that wasn’t even the best or most exciting thing about it. Was it a bit of letdown how quickly and easily it all got resolved? Sure, but I understand they only have so many shots of giant CGI gorillas that they can afford to do on this show. At least they found a way to keep Grodd on the table for future episodes should they find it in the budget.

But no, the best thing about this episode is Tom Cavanagh, flying between playing two Harrison Wells at once like a ping pong ball. I’ve sung his praises on this show before, after all, this is the third distinct character he’s created in as many seasons, but this show is his MVP moment as he plays Harry and Hipster Wells in the same scenes. Just watching him act off himself just goes to show how strong each iteration of Harrison Wells is, each playing into the others strengths in moments both comedic and dramatic. I know this show’s not after Emmys, and that’s great, but let’s toss one Cavanagh’s way already.


Arrow 5.15 “Fighting Fire with Fire”

I was right about two things regarding Prometheus coming out of this episode. First, I was right that he’s Adrian Chase, one of the three possibilities I listed last week, only off the knowledge that there’s gotta be another reason he’s here besides being the DA. Secondly, I was right that the reveal was extremely underwhelming if only because they stretched it out for far too long. Was anyone shocked or excited that it was Adrian Chase? It’s doubtful, I know I wasn’t, because they spent way too much time expecting the mystery of it to serve as enough suspense and hype. Nobody really cares who it is at this point, the only good thing is that now they’ve finally revealed it we can actually make some progress on that storyline.

And one final note, I hope Oliver throwing his Green Arrow alter ego under the bus as public enemy number one pushes this season into the sense of momentum it’s been lacking these past few episodes. Branding himself the enemy of the police really shakes things up in ways that brings the character back to his roots as a vigilante in his early days, balancing fighting crime with evading the law. I think it’s the right move, in a season that really in need of one right now.

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