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Your CW-DC-TV Sidekick: Week Eighteen – Let’s Take a Trip to Doomworld!


Supergirl 2.17 “Distant Sun”

Supergirl just needs to make up its mind about what it wants out of this season. It started off really strong, not just with the inclusion of the best on screen Superman in my lifetime, but it also felt prescient and urgent with how the villain was Trump rhetoric and anti-refugee policies. Since then, it keeps going off in different directions that don’t lead to anything all that interesting, the latest being Daxumites coming to Earth, which will continue into at least the next episode. Let’s just face it, Daxumites just aren’t as great of villains as Cadmus was. There’s only a few more episodes left this season, let’s hope they can get it together by then, and quit giving work to Kevin Smith to do lifeless direction on their episodes.


The Flash 3.18 “Abra Kadabra”

I feel like I say it nearly every week, but one of my favorite things about the Arrowverse – and The Flash is the best at this – is how they can take all these C and D level villains and make them exciting and relevant. This week, it’s Abra Kadabra who steals the show, and they got a terrific character actor to play him. David Dastmalchian has built a career on playing unsettling characters. He turned in a memorable appearance in a brief few scenes in The Dark Knight, and if you really want to get creeped out, he’s incredible in one of my favorite movies, Prisoners.

Gypsy is hunting Abra Kadabra, and quickly, I’m really liking Gypsy. I hope we get to see more of her as the season continues, and hopefully get her inked for season 4. When Barry captures Kadabra, he offers up Savitar’s identity in exchange for his freedom. Shouts to The Flash for making the unveiling of their villain’s identities exciting. I remember tossing and turning in my sleep trying to figure out who Zoom was last season, and how shocked I was when they showed who he was. This is a polar opposite reaction from how unintriguing the

I was messaging a friend last week, and we were tossing around theories of who Savitar is. Here’s my theory: It’s Jay Garrick. We know that at some point in the future, Barry traps Savitar in the speed force, where Jay Garrick is now after he sacrificed himself and took Wally’s place in the speed force prison. I think that Garrick gets corrupted by being trapped there for too long, Wally was only in there for a day or two and will be haunted by it for probably the rest of his life. I think Garrick loses himself in the speed force and begins a revenge quest against Barry for not rescuing him soon enough. Plus, one of the things The Flash has done really well is to make the season long villains rooted in a personal conflict with not just The Flash but also Barry Allen.

Times I cried:

  • “Are you going soft on me Julian?” “Yes, absolutely.” Kiss.
  • When Joe breaks down talking to Iris about how he can’t protect her.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.16 “Doomworld”

Normally, I do a list of stupid shit that happens each episode because there’s just no other way to digest how giddily resistant this show is to analysis. However, just like last season, it’s going on a run of a superb final few episodes. So instead, here’s a list of some great things that happened this episode. “Doomworld” did one of my favorite things in comic book storytelling – indulging in the multi-verse. Asking “what if” and seeing how it plays out. With the Legion of Doom rewriting reality, it made for a terrific hour of seeing a different world. It’s like their own flashpoint. Who doesn’t love a good flashpoint? Let’s get to it.

  • Felicity is now a vigilante.
  • Damien Dahrk is now mayor of Star City.
  • Eobard Thawne has captured Black Flash and runs STAR labs.
  • Also, the Legion of Doom is truly horrible for having the power to rewrite reality but they still leave Trump as president.
  • Mick gets fed up with how things are and defects back to the Legends.
  • Sara and Amaya work for Dahrk.
  • I like how each member punches Mick once their memory comes back.
  • Rip has become obsessed with baking,
  • There’s a running joke about how great Nate’s mom’s sandwiches are.
  • Thawne destroys the spear, trapping them all in this reality.
  • Rip is trapped in a miniaturized version of the waverider on display at STAR labs.


Arrow 5.18 “Disbanded”

Oliver pulls a Liz Lemon and shuts it down, which is a dynamic I wished the show would have held onto for another hour just to keep things interesting.

Listen, I love Arrow. I wouldn’t be watching any of these shows if it wasn’t for Arrow. Arrow took an underloved, b-team afterthought member of Justice League in DC lore and made the character of Green Arrow exciting, fun and really cool. I’ll still be watching this show even when they refuse to cancel it and renew it for a 12th season. But like Oliver, I have to admit something that’s difficult: It’s not good anymore, in fact it hasn’t been good for a long time. I’ve accepted that it’s prime was in Season 2 and some of Season 3.

What exacerbates the quality is how it stacks up with the lineup – how The Flash remains one of the best shows on television, and that even Legends is giddily enjoyable even if it is mindless. Maybe I brought this feeling on myself as I committed to writing about these shows each week, but watching Arrow just feels like a chore at this point. Arrow used to be the highlight of the lineup, but Flash took that spot a long time ago. There have been glimmers of former glory in some of the action sequences and action hero antics throughout the season. But in large, this season is lost to mediocrity. It just hurts that it can’t even be entertaining in the meantime. If you’re not gonna be good, at least be fun to watch.

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