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The News Reel: Episode 85 (with Tim Grierson)

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MEL Magazine’s Tim Grierson joins Zach and Brian on this episode to discuss his latest column on Alec Baldwin and how the actor has had a rocky career that has still seen him as a strong acting prescience. In the top stories, the duo discuss the first trailer for the Tupac Shakur biopic, new projects for Adam McKay, Pablo Larrain and Olivier Assayas, and a cinematic universe of Call of Duty movies. Finally, a WTF story surrounding everyone’s favorite weirdo, Shia LaBeouf.


Top Stories:


Main Story (24:11):

“Misleading Men: Alec Baldwin is Having the Last Laugh”


WTF Story of the Week (1:02:22):

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Zach Dennis is a contributor for Cut Print Film and co-host of The News Reel Podcast.

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