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The News Reel: Episode 81 (with Keith Phipps)

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Keith Phipps joins Brian and Zach for the latest episode of the News Reel to discuss the changes in visual effects over the years and how movies like Kong: Skull Island will age over time. Also, the duo discuss some of the top news stories of the week, including the first trailer for Atomic Blonde, a new cast member for Deadpool 2, the plans for the Kong and Godzilla meet-up and Michael Mann’s next project. Finally, a WTF about adding a jungle gym to a movie theater.


Top Stories:


Main Story (22:38):

“‘King Kong’ and the Bogus Notion of ‘Dated’ Special Effects”


WTF Story of the Week (45:49):

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Zach Dennis is a contributor for Cut Print Film and co-host of The News Reel Podcast.

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