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The News Reel: Episode 54

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On the latest episode, Zach and Brian look at the week in film news, which includes the death of two major names in directing, backlash from a former Star Trek star on a change to a character, Pixar promising to be done with sequels for awhile, and the addition of a new face in the DC Universe. The duo looks at this summer’s slate of blockbusters in the main story and attempts to answer the question of whether or not this summer has been one of the worst for blockbuster fare. Finally, they conclude with a WTF story for the ages: Captain Kirk fighting Jesus?


Top Stories:


Main Story:

Is this summer one of the worst for blockbusters ever?


WTF story of the week:

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Zach Dennis is a contributor for Cut Print Film and co-host of The News Reel Podcast.

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