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Charlize Theron kicks ass in this week's Blu-ray releases

Discovery out-freaks the conspiracy theory geeks this week, as a spore drive malfunction sends the ship space-tripping into an alternate universe . . .

This year's most well-known and famous unearthed movie franchise, Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, was one of the biggest failures of modern-day movie-making. This latest time the bandage-wrapped Egyptian returned to

Nick and Dani's meeting seems fit for a rom-com

Kevin Probably raises suspicions that a certain lack of rigorous talent scouting pervades the entire universe.

Join us as we discuss 1958's Vertigo, putting a lid on our Alfred Hitchcock Directors Series!

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On Lucifer, Maze beats the crap out of people, drinks to excess, has a lot

The problems of having too much empathy or not enough materialize on both Star Trek:

Both dark and funny, The Gifted firmly establishes that Mutant Lives Matter.

Chesapeake Shores doesn't resolve whether Trace will leave Abby for country music stardom, but it

Star Trek: Discovery tackles hard-hitting issues like racism, sexism, religious fundamentalism, and Klingon eating habits

Our review of the first episode of The Gifted.