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Exclusive: Check out the Visual Soundtrack for ‘Uncle John’

Steven Piet’s directorial debut Uncle John received high-praise when it was released last month. Our reviewer Marcus Pinn enjoyed the film as well, and had high-praise for the film’s soundtrack. “I have to say that the minimalist droning score, courtesy of composers Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta, is both inspiring and a key element to this film,” wrote Marcus. “Not to overshadow or take anything away from the performances but without the music, Uncle John would be an entirely different film (not necessarily a worse off film, but certainly not as intriguing). And what’s even more of a success with Uncle John is that director Steven Piet, knows when to use music and when not to use music. Film scores are important but they can sometimes be a distraction depending on how they’re used. Piet understands the genre he’s working within. Uncle John is a noir/murder-mystery so it requires a bit of silence from time to time in order to build tension and set the right ambiance.”

In the film, “a small town bully turned born again Christian by the name of Dutch has gone missing. John (John Ashton), a well-liked and respectable member of the community, has more to with the disappearance than anyone could imagine. Nobody in town would think to implicate John – nobody but Danny, Dutch’s violent drunk of a brother. John’s nephew Ben arrives from Chicago on an impromptu trip to his hometown as his uncle struggles to evade Danny’s growing suspicions and looming threats. In this tale of small-town intrigue, one man’s need for revenge may cost many more their lives.” Lakeshore Records will release the film’s soundtrack soon, and you can check out an exclusive “Visual Soundtrack” above, which was put together by Uncle John director Steven Piet. The soundtrack will be available 10/16.

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