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Stream The Complete Soundtrack from ‘The Space Between Us’

Original Music by: Andrew Lockington

The barren vistas of Mars have long held fascination for sci-fi filmmakers. Over the years, dozens of directors have tried to capture the mysteries of the martian landscapes on the big screen. Most of them have failed … though Ridley Scott came close with 2015’s The Martian. Peter Chelsom is the latest director to take us on a trip to the red planet. But he takes a slightly different approach with The Space Between Us. The twist is simple – Mars has been colonized. And a human has been born there.

Asa Butterfield plays that first-born martian. The Space Between Us centers around the young man’s search for the father he’s never known. That search leads him on a trip to Earth where he experiences the wonders of mankind’s home planet through virgin eyes. He also meets a street smart girl (Britt Robertson) to help him on the way. Drama, romance and adventure ensue. At least that was the plan. Our own Will Asthon didn’t have many kind words for the film in his review. So there’s that.

It should be noted that Composer Andrew Lockington (San Andreas) managed to escape Mr. Ashton’s wrath. And for good reason. Lockington’s blend of minimalist compositions and grand orchestral arrangements is the driving force behind much of the film’s drama. The 12 songs that Lockington contributes are expansive and adventurous and full of wonder. But they’re also contemplative and possessed of a deep humanity. Given that The Space Between Us explores ambitious themes of origins and the soul’s place in the universe, Lockington’s music will feel right at home. Even if songs from indie-pop acts like Ingrid Michaelson, BØRNS and James Bay don’t. But you can skip all of those songs and cut straight to Lockington’s work. And you should. Trust me.

The Space Between Us is now playing at a theater near you. Check it out if you like. Or don’t. That’s up to you. Either way, you should give Andrew Lockington’s original score a listen. ‘Cause it’s quite lovely. That’s out now via the kind folks at Sony Classical. But you can hear it in its entirety right here. You’re welcome.

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