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Film Nerd: The Fargo Money

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We all know the Coen Brothers love to stylize… but how much work goes into that? Apparently, a lot. While watching Fargo (1996) I noticed the case of money at the center of the film looked really familiar. That’s because it is the same case of money the Coen Brothers used in No Country For Old Men. Both of these films deal with the same basic themes; the corruptive power of money and greed. I found this slightly fascinating, because I’ve never heard anyone bring this up before in my film nerd circles.

Cover/Film review Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men


The case is also prominently displayed in posters for each of the films.



If you are curious to know what happens to the case of money, maybe it will pop up on FX’s new Fargo TV show… but if you can’t wait for that, you could always be like this lady.

Til’ next time nerds.

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  • Charlie OBrien

    watching ‘No Country for Old Men’ on cable today and just noticed that the case is the same as ‘Fargo’. Cohen brothers movies are a full of recurring items and themes.