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Exclusive: Hear The Complete Score from ‘The First Monday In May’

Original Music by: Ian Hutlquist & Sofia Hultquist

From the mass-produced dressing rooms of your local H&M to the high-fashion art of Paris runways, it’s almost impossible to think about fashion without hearing music. It’s the peanut butter to fashion’s jelly. If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and watch a couple of Fashion Week clips with the sound off. The grace and the dazzle of the runway are still there, but they lack impact. And they’re utterly void of texture.

The right bit of music is capable of bringing the color and intricacies of the runway to vivid life. That’s never been more on display than in Andrew Rossi’s fanciful fashion doc The First Monday In May (2016). Rossi’s film follows Anna Wintour (EIC of Vogue) and Andrew Bolton (Met Gala Chair) through a compelling, in-depth look at the behind the scenes machinations that brought forth The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2015 exhibition ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ … not to mention the star-studded Met Gala that helped fund it. And yes, music plays a big part in that narrative.

Husband and Wife composing team Ian Hultquist (Silicon Cowboys and My Blind Brother) and Sofia Hultquist (indie pop outfit Drum and Lace) are responsible for that music. Over the 22 songs that comprise their score for The First Monday In May, the pair make ample use of everything from strings to guitars to big analog synthesizers. The result is a savvy mix of neo-classical composition and chamber-pop pomp. The songs paint a lavish, ethereal tapestry behind Rossi’s vibrant images. In the process, they also provide The First Monday In May with its most necessary element … texture.

Ian and Sofia Hultquist’s stunning original score to The First Monday In May is one of 2016’s best. And it will sound as lovely in your headphones as it did in Rossi’s film. Thanks to the folks at Little Twig Records, you’ll have a chance to find that out for yourself. The album will be released digitally on Friday September 30. In case you don’t have a calendar handy, that’s tomorrow. But if you can’t wait that long to hear Mr. & Mrs. Hultquists’s work, the Little Twig team has been kind enough to provide us this Exclusive Stream. So go ahead and press play. And whatever you do, don’t turn it off before the album’s 10th track ‘Empire’ … ‘cause it’s one of the best songs you will hear this year.  Enjoy!

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