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Frontera is a western-drama-mystery-comedy, all in decisive chunks, approximately in that order. But with the plot's lack of cohesion and a seriously unsatisfying ending, this movie ends up tripping over everything it built up in its first half.

As Above, So Below is a horror film with aspirations to be so much more. That it even attempts to, at times, rise above the muck of modern horror makes it that much more disappointing when it goes ahead and wallows in it anyway.

You really can’t go wrong by hanging out with George Takei and have him tell you the story of his life in that smooth-as-silk baritone of his.

Though Magic in the Moonlight flirts with the transcendent, it ultimately leaves us to face the harsh reality of life under the sun: no matter what happens in the movies, Emma Stone will never love you.

Sandemose has stated that he was inspired by the action-adventure films of the 1980's, and it becomes pretty clear that he has specifically been greatly influenced by the works of Steven Spielberg. Ragnarok blends the story elements of all of Spielberg's adventure films