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You really can’t go wrong by hanging out with George Takei and have him tell you the story of his life in that smooth-as-silk baritone of his.

Though Magic in the Moonlight flirts with the transcendent, it ultimately leaves us to face the harsh reality of life under the sun: no matter what happens in the movies, Emma Stone will never love you.

Sandemose has stated that he was inspired by the action-adventure films of the 1980's, and it becomes pretty clear that he has specifically been greatly influenced by the works of Steven Spielberg. Ragnarok blends the story elements of all of Spielberg's adventure films

Wallace and Chantry, two 20 somethings who meet at a party and hit it off pretty hard until Chantry slyly slips in the ol' "Hey man it's late, hope MY BOYFRIEND isn't worried." ::cue record scratch::

Frank is a film that could easily be branded as “quirky” based on the trailer. That word even fits parts of the film's tone, however, this is not one for the Juno or Napoleon Dynamite crowd.