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Men, Women, & Children tries to be something deep and poignant, yet it feels more like that guy you know that rambles on and on about how smartphones have ruined real conversation and then plunges into his feed the second you get up to go

Strong performances from Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall aren't enough to keep you from shouting "I object!" to all the mediocrity of THE JUDGE

Gillian Flynn's nearly airtight screenplay paired with David Fincher’s remarkable ability for presenting a compelling visual narrative treats us to a seamless transition of Gone Girl from the page to the screen.

There’s an interesting story about how the aesthetically horrifying doll Annabelle came into existence just waiting to be told. Annabelle, unfortunately, is not that story.

Nicolas Cage continues to pay off his gambling debts with LEFT BEHIND, a kooky religious thriller that could rival THE ROOM and BIRDEMIC for silly fun.