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If I Stay

If I Stay isn’t an offensively bad movie. It’s also not a good movie. In fact, it’s barely anything at all.

First official image of Paul Rudd as ANT-MAN

Paul Rudd is sad-man in this new image from ANT-MAN

Revisited: One Hour Photo

ONE HOUR PHOTO let Robin Williams go to darker places, creating one of his best performances in the process.

What If

Wallace and Chantry, two 20 somethings who meet at a party and hit it off pretty hard until Chantry slyly slips in the ol’ “Hey man it’s late, hope MY BOYFRIEND isn’t worried.” ::cue record scratch::

CutPrintFilm Podcast: Episode 25

In part one of our three part Brian De Palma retrospective, we review his 1973 thriller Sisters. Then we mourn the loss of Robin Williams with a discussion about his movie career.

Soundtrack Sunday: Once Upon a Time in the West

Soundtrack Sunday scares better when it’s dying.